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Outdoor projector enclosures to on vehicle digital signage

Outdoor projector enclosures or on vehicle digital signage?

Increase in outdoor projector enclosures and on vehicle digital signage is growing the outdoor digital advertising industry rather quickly. So let us look at the solutions out there and the uses.

Outdoor projector enclosures.

These are used to protect projectors that are used in outdoor applications – sounds simple! But most if not all projectors are made for indoor use only (correct me if I am wrong?), using them outdoors for projector mapping is nothing new, but a protective environmental housing is required to protect the projector hardware.

Now there is an affordable solutions, from ProEnc outdoor projector enclosures.

outdoor projector enclosures

On vehicle digital signage.

On vehicle digital signage can usually be seen in NYC on top of taxi’s, that is why sometimes this solution is also called taxi top digital signage. The 3G LED on vehicle digital signs have 2 LED panels that are 4000cd/m2 (or nits) bright that are back to back, so even in direct sunlight the ads on the displays will be seen. Content is updated through the 3G media player built into the protective housing.

On vehicle digital signage will be seen in most major cities and most entrepreneurial advertising agencies are getting involved now!

on vehicle digital signageNow anyone can deploy digital signage outdoors from bars, nightclubs to taxi owner operators, all these need is an advertising agency to back them. Both separate companies are US based and the products are of the highest quality complete with support and an extensive warranty period.

Make sure if you are looking into either of these solutions, check out the manufacturers websites above for outdoor projector enclosures and on vehicle digital signage.

ProEnc outside projector enclosures
projector enclosure

ProEnc Limited – Outdoor projector enclosures

ProEnc Limited (http://proencltd.com) are a manufacturer of protective housings for electronic hardware, developing an outdoor projector enclosure, who have worked with several audio visual consultants to get their input.

ProEnc outside projector enclosures

The protective, outdoor projector case, provides all the protection needed from vandalism, theft and mother nature. We all know that when any electronic hardware that is enclosed in an unnatural environment can fail. This is why the heating and cooling system is so sophisticated, in side the ProEnc. It keeps the hardware at the best temperature possible to ensure the longevity of the bulb of the projector is beyond what the bulb manufacturers claim. It does not matter if the temperature outside is -4F or 145F, the hardware inside is kept free from condensation.

ProEnc LogoWhen audio visual integrators deploy an outdoor projector that costs $30,000, they have to be certain the protection is up to the job. ProEnc have product liability insurance, so should the hardware fail, it will be replaced under the insurance policy, like for like. This is something that separates them from the competition.

They have a standard size environmental projector case, that fits most projectors, yet if a larger projector housing is needed ProEnc manufacture custom units.

Made from steel and powder coated in an external finish to ensure it lasts longer than the 3 year warranty. The unit is ultra secure, with 2 high security locks and the door has concealed hinges for quick, uninterrupted access for engineers.

Stock from the end of August 2014 will be held in New Jersey for the US and Canadian market, with the UK holding stock for Europe and Australia. ProEnc have plans in late November to open an Australian distributor center.

Digital signage

Digital Signage – What is it?

Digital signage is an advertising medium that used electronic displays to display ads, these ads are stored locally on a media player and fed to the screen.

digital signage

This type of advertising can be found in public and corporate locations, so there is no discrimination, displays start from 7″ for superstore shelf marketing to massive 80″ wall mounted displays for impact.

More useful resources can be found on Wikipedia

projector enclosure

Outdoor projector enclosure

Outdoor projectors enclosure.

Outdoor projector enclosure.

DOOH USA have recently added an outdoor projector enclosure that is designed to provide years of outdoor protection from the weather and theft. The protective, projector enclosure comes as standard with internal cooling and heating that is filtered, to prevent air borne particles entering the protective cover and damaging the projector.

The outdoor projector cabinet, is designed that when updates are needed, these can be performed without opening the protective housing.

More detailed information can be seen on http://www.lcdtvenclosure.com/outdoor-projector-enclosure.html

As ever our high quality product is back with our 7 year warranty.

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